Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

mission-philosophyThe Adam J. Lewis Preschool believes that early childhood is a time of rapid growth in which children begin to explore their world using all their senses. Our mission is to provide an enriched, nurturing environment as well as to impact the children in a meaningful, long-lasting manner for the purpose of future success beyond our program.

Our Philosophy

We take a “constructivist” approach to education by blending ideas from Montessori, Piaget and the Reggio Emilia Approach.
Emphasis is placed on the process of learning as well as the mastery of skills, and all children are invited to take an active role in this journey.

  • Lessons are child-driven rather than teacher-directed
  • Children must be taught to think, problem-solve & express themselves
  • The development of positive character skills is a strong predictor of success later in life
  • Self-esteem is essential
  • Every child is viewed as a unique individual
  • Opportunities for children to have “I did it myself ” moments occur every day
  • Active, hands-on learning is critical to the acquisition and retention of skills