Our 3-Pronged Approach for Lasting Succcess

Three essential components to promote long-term benefits and success:


The AJL Preschool will provide each child with an enriched curriculum emphasizing literacy, numeracy and sensory experiences as well as lessons in music, art and science. Our program also will focus on strengthening character skills such as self-esteem, perseverance and confidence.



  • The Preschool will work closely with parents to help support them as they educate their children at home.
  • A teacher-parent contract will be signed as part of the enrollment process. This contract will stress the responsibilities that both the teachers and the parents have toward the education of the child.
  • The Preschool will form a relationship with parenting centers in Bridgeport that can be a resource to assist parents when needed.
  • The Preschool will conduct monthly workshops covering important topics of interest to our parents, such as how to extend learning at home, nutrition, discipline, etc.


3-pronged-approach-futureWhen the children graduate from the program, the Preschool will work with the families to provide options for the best quality elementary school for their child. We strive to make sure that parents have an understanding of all the options available to their child including magnet, charter and private schools in Bridgeport and surrounding towns. Contact will also be maintained with the parents throughout the first years of elementary school, checking in on the child and providing support and resources if needed.