Important Information

parents-important-informationThe Adam J. Lewis Preschool (AJLP)
246 Lenox Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Telephone number:  203-333-2211
Cell phone number: 203-833-1248

The AJLP program runs from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm – all students are expected to attend for a full day.
We also offer an optional after school program which runs from 3 to 5:00 pm for an additional fee.

Our students are 3, 4 and early 5 year olds. They must be toilet trained.

All children enrolled in the program are expected to attend Preschool for a full day, five days a week.

Children are asked to bring their own lunch. AJLP will provide snacks in the morning and afternoon. Snacks will be in accordance with the Health Department and Nutrition guidelines.

AJLP closely follows the Bridgeport Public Schools Calendars:

Bridgeport 2016-2017 School Calendar

Bridgeport 2017-2018 School Calendar

Financial assistance is provided to all families who cannot afford to pay tuition and is determined according to a family’s income and need. No family will be denied admission due to an inability to pay. We work with each family on an individual basis to determine their tuition amount. Decisions are confidential.

Weather Closings
The AJL Preschool follows the decisions of the Bridgeport Public Schools in determining when to close or delay school due to inclement weather. Updates for school closing/delays can be found on the AJL Preschool website, the website of Bridgeport Public Schools or on